What Causes Snoring – Exploring The Reasons Why We Snore

To many people, snoring seems like a rather mysterious problem. Some people snore and others don’t. At first glance, it seems like there is no rhyme or reason to this situation. However, the fact of the matter is that there are very clear answers to the question “What causes snoring?”

what causes snoring

The truth is that the answer to this question is different for different people. Obviously, snoring hurts getting restful sleep for you and your partner. It is important to figure out what causes your snoring and find the appropriate cures before potentially breaking up your marriage!

It Could Be Your Physical Attributes

snoring cause

If you are overweight, you may not want to hear about yet another reason that you should lose the weight. However, the truth is that fat can lead to snoring. Many overweight or obese people have excess fat around their necks. This fat can block the airflow and contribute to snoring. A weight loss regime is highly recommended for those who snore. Further, when you start toning your muscles through exercise, you can also end up toning muscles in your throat. Toned muscles will also assist you to stop snoring.

Sometimes the reason a person snores can be attributed to the way in which he or she is built. For example, due to the fact that men have narrower air passages, they are more likely to be snorers. Further, if a person has large adenoids, or a very narrow throat, this can also lead to snoring. Additionally, when people get older, the space in the throat reduces, further contributing to possible snoring problems. Obviously, there is nothing you can do about your age, but you can certainly take the strides necessary to lose weight and get in shape. Instead of wondering what causes snoring, it makes sense to take some action and see if you start getting results.

Nasal Issues

Nasal problems and sinus issues no doubt lead to snoring in many instances. The fact is that if your airways are blocked from inflammation or mucous, it becomes more difficult to inhale. The end result of this issue is snoring.

If you are having problems breathing during the day, the chances are great that this will become even more of a problem at night. Therefore, you might want to consider trying a natural remedy like a neti pot or some allergy medication. Some people find that if they shower before bed it clears the nasal passages and stops snoring. Also make sure that there are not allergens in your room that can be causing congestion issues. Make sure you vacuum regularly and also replace pillows every few months.

Dairy and Smoking

Sometimes snoring problems are caused by something as simple as what a person eats. For example, dairy is well-known for causing mucous build-up. As a result, eating dairy, particularly before going to bed, can be a contributing factor to snoring. If your snoring is a problem, you might want to try skipping dairy altogether for a few weeks and watching the results. Further, caffeine, soymilk and smoking are all things you might be consuming that contribute to snoring.

Medications and Alcohol

Medications that cause sedation can relax the airways and cause snoring. The same thing is true for alcohol. Even people who don’t normally snore can end up snoring after having a few drinks. Similarly, if you are too exhausted when you go to bed, your muscles can relax more. While relaxation is good, it can definitely lead to snoring. Ultimately, if you snore, you will not feel as though you had a peaceful night of sleep. As a result, you may end up even more exhausted the next day.

If you snore, remember that you aren’t alone. The National Sleep Foundation studied how many people snore at night and found that one out of three people living in the United States snores at least occasionally. If you are wondering what causes snoring, the trick is to figure out what is causing your snoring and take measures to counteract those issues. Though a little bit of investigation and some trial and error, you can end your snoring problem.