Warning – 7 Sleep Deprivation Symptoms

Do sleep deprivation symptoms affect people in ways other than just making them feel tired? Yes, it is indeed possible and is in fact far more common than most people think. There are numerous symptoms that affect people in adverse ways, what is important is that people should be able to identify them quickly.

Warning – 7 Sleep Deprivation Symptoms

Typical Signs and Insomnia

  • Irritable behavior – This is not the normal “just don’t bother me” behavior. It is more like anger, growing and accumulating to a near hatred level for almost everything and everyone. This symptom makes people snap at the most minor issues around them. It feels so “out of the ordinary” that people can quickly know whether what they are going through is normal or not.
  • Weariness – This symptom makes people feel like doing nothing all the time. In fact, the idea of doing and thinking of nothing feels very pleasant. Any task (no matter how small it may be) feels like too much to handle, and people want to do nothing more than just sitting or lying down peacefully somewhere.
  • Socially incompetent – People mistake this to be shyness, however, it is not. Unlike the irritable behavior symptom, people are fine with the environment and people around them. The only problem here is relating to people and communicating with them effectively. People having this problem don’t feel confident and composed enough to mingle with people freely. It tends to sort of affect people permanently in some cases.
  • Nervous breakdown – Among other sleep deprivation symptoms, this one is more commonly seen in individuals. People feel like their whole world is falling apart, or like the load of the whole world is on their shoulders. To describe it in one word – people feel helpless.
  • Loss of memory – In this case, people are not brain damaged or anything. They just suffer of severe lack of sleep, which impairs their cognition. People are unable to recollect certain things that may just have happened within a few seconds, minutes or hours. Existing memories seem to be more hazy than usual.
  • Lack of concentration – This is one of the sleep deprivation symptoms that tends to affect the overall performance and functionality of people. People seem to be unable to focus on anything they do. It makes people have poor concentration and focus and reduces their reaction time significantly. This is also one of the most serious effects of insomnia as it has to do with everything people do.
  • Change in appetite – This symptom of sleep deprivation causes people to feel hungry at odd times and almost at every time. People feel like eating almost anything they come across. This is not good for the health, as it leads to gaining a lot of weight. The condition tends to keep getting worse as long as the sleep deprivation period lasts.

The moment any of these sleep deprivation symptoms affect anyone, it is necessary to treat the sleeplessness before it gets out of control. These signs of sleep deprivation don’t seem to be a big deal when appear initially, however, people must not be fooled because they will definitely interfere with the way they live their lives.

Harmful To Health?

Not sleeping well and not having enough sleep impacts the health in ways that people are not usually aware of. It may surprise people to learn that severe sleep deprivation not only affects their health, but also affects their safety and performance. There are many things that lead to sleep deprivation. The stress in daily lives intrudes on people’s ability to sleep appropriately, or perhaps, when people trade their sleep for work. Some people suffer of mental health conditions which disrupt their sleep, and some people are well aware of the fact that they are sleep deprived. However, it is critical to realize that sleep deprivation symptoms often occur due to sleep disorders that may be unrecognized.

Sleep Deprivation Symptoms & Its Effects on Health

  • Effects on immune system – Lack of sleep weakens the immune system, which makes patients more prone to contracting infections. Sleep deprivation may also affect the body’s response to vaccinations.
  • Digestion impairment and obesity – This may be a surprising revelation to people, but actually affects the weight of people. It has been proven that a higher percentage of people who don’t sleep well are obese. This happens sleep deprived people tend to feel more hungry.
  • Diabetes – Some studies show that lack of sufficient sleep affects the sugar metabolism in the body. This leads to a higher than usual level of glucose produced in the body, causing diabetes.
  • Hormonal imbalance – Lack of sleep throws the level of hormones in the body out of balance. This affects the body in many ways. For example, women facing this problem may be at a higher risk of getting breast cancer.

In addition to the above mentioned sleep deprivation symptoms, aging is also an important aspect which is the result of lack of sufficient sleep.