Stop Snoring Mouthpiece – The Myths Vs The Facts

There is no doubt that snoring is an issue that impacts countless people worldwide. Obviously, if there were just one simple solution to stop snoring, everyone would be doing it. However, the fact of the matter is that there doesn’t seem to be one solution that works for all snorers. People have tried a wide variety of devices and natural solutions, ranging from everything to sleeping on one’s side on an anti-snore pillow to wearing a stop snoring mouthpiece. The stop snoring mouthpiece, in particular, seems to be rising in popularity. However, does it really work? This article will discuss the myths and the facts behind this snoring device.

1. A Stop Snoring Mouthpiece Will Open Up Your Airways – Fact

The way that the stop snoring mouthpiece works is indeed by opening up your airways. Snoring occurs when narrow air passageways constrict the ability of air to pass through one’s throat. As a result, a vibration occurs and causes snoring. The mouthpiece is designed to slightly bring the lower jaw forward. As a result, the throat tissues are kept open and snoring should not occur.

2. A Stop Snoring Mouthpiece Will Help All Snorers – Myth

Unfortunately, it is a myth that stop snoring mouthpieces will help all snorers to stop. First of all, many people will simply find this device too uncomfortable to wear. Other people find that it falls out of their mouth during the course at the night. Just like there are a variety of different reasons behind why people snore, people’s mouths come in various shapes and sizes. If you can’t comfortably wear the stop snoring mouthpiece, it definitely won’t prove to be of benefit.

Further, if you have sleep apnea, it is unlikely that this device will work for you. Sleep apnea is a serious medical condition and needs to be treated in a more rigorous fashion. Therefore, it is essential that you see your doctor and rule out the possibility of sleep apnea before buying a device.

3. A Stop Snoring Mouthpiece is Cheap to Buy – Fact

It is indeed true that a stop snoring mouthpiece is inexpensive. Few options will be more than $50. This price point is very beneficial due to that people can easily buy a mouthpiece and see if it works for them. Obviously, there is not a great deal of financial risk in doing so.

However, keep in mind, that you will need to replace your device at least a few times a year. As a result, if you continue to use the mouthpiece, the price will start to dramatically rise over time.

4. A Stop Snoring Mouthpiece is Safe for Everyone – Myth

As mentioned above, those with severe sleep apnea need to seek a more rigorous method for treating their condition. This issue can actually cause people to stop breathing at night, and, as a result, it must be treated very seriously.

There are also additional types of people who should not use a stop snoring mouthpiece. First of all, adults should only use it. Secondly, if you wear dentures or have braces, a device can potentially be detrimental. Those with TMJ should also avoid this snoring solution.

5. A Stop Snoring Mouthpiece Can Cure Snoring – Myth

If you stop wearing your stop snoring mouthpiece, your snoring will automatically recur. The device can only work when you are wearing it and it doesn’t have any type of lasting effect. This means that if you go even one night without wearing the mouthpiece, you will start snoring again. Many people wish for a device that would offer a permanent fix, but the stop snoring mouthpiece is not such a device.