Snoring Cures – Myths Vs Facts

With so many people around the world looking for snoring cures, there is no wonder that there are a variety of myths regarding this subject. However, once you have separated the facts from the myths, you will soon find that there are indeed snoring cures that work. Let’s take a look at some of the myths that have turned out to be true and untrue.

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Lose Some Weight

One very popular myth regarding snoring cures is that losing weight will always stop snoring. While losing weight can sometimes cure sleep apnea and remedy your snoring issues, this is not always the case. Many people with snoring issues push themselves very hard to lose weight, but find that even once they have dropped the pounds, the snoring continues. Keep in mind that there are plenty of thin people who do indeed snore.

However, if you are seeking snoring cures, it might make sense to lose weight as a first order of business. Sometimes it is someone’s weight around his or her neck that triggers snoring. Further, losing weight will benefit your health in other ways behind just potentially stopping your snoring. Therefore, even if losing weight isn’t one of the snoring cures that works for you, you have still done something positive that will be good for your health overall.

As a side note, one thing to remember is that if you are not getting a quality night’s sleep due to your snoring, it can become more difficult to lose weight. Studies show that those who don’t get the full 7-8 hours of sleep that they need may end up overeating during the day. Obviously, this can create a bit of a catch-22 scenario.

Unclog Your Nose

Another myth concerning snoring is that it is due to a clogged nose. Therefore, people believe that if they can just get their nose to unclog, they will stop snoring. However, the fact is that often people who undergo nasal surgery find that most of the times their snoring continues. Some people find that if they open their nasal passages by taking a hot shower before bed, it can help their snoring. However, keep in mind that if your snoring is not due to a nasal blockage, these snoring cures won’t do too much good.

In a few cases, snoring can be caused due to a blocking of the nose. In that situation, snoring surgery to unobstruct the nose or cure a deviated septum can one of the snoring cures that does actually work. However, in most cases, it is the nose, mouth, throat, palate and neck that lead to snoring and not just the nose. Therefore, the belief that an unclogged nose will stop snoring is indeed a myth.

Snoring is Not Harmful

Everyone knows that snoring is annoying, but many people also believe that snoring is never harmful. Unfortunately, this too is a falsehood. Snoring is frequently a sign of sleep apnea, and those who have sleep apnea often will have a variety of other medical problems. A person’s airflow can get cut off during the night. Also those with sleep apnea are at an increased risk for cardiovascular issues.

Therefore, if you continuously snore, you really do need to take the condition seriously. At the very least, you should talk to your doctor about the issue. If you have a partner in your bed at night, you can also ask him or her to listen to your snoring to determine if it is punctuated by moments where you gasp or stop breathing.

Finding a Simple Solution

The truth is that there are few snoring cures that will work for everyone. Since snoring is caused by a variety of factors, most snorers have to do some experimenting and figure out what remedy works best for their own particular issues. If you are seeking snoring cures, why not try some of the snoring devices that are currently available? Most of them are relatively inexpensive and have shown to have positive results with a great many people.