Sleep Apnea Cures – To Sleep Better

Thanks to the modernization of technology, there are many devices now available to help people come up with sleep apnea cures. Sleep apnea is a dangerous sleeping disorder which leads to death sometimes. There are various devices or equipments that can be used to help people relieve the symptoms of sleep apnea and have a restful sleep at night.


The following are a few devices used to cure sleep apnea:

Oral appliances – Oral appliances include devices like sleep apnea mouthpieces. Sleep apnea oral appliances are designed in a way to keep the airways open throughout the night. This makes breathing easier for people suffering of sleep apnea. However, oral appliances are not as effective as continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines. Many people find oral appliances easy to use, as they are designed to open the throat and airway through the jaw positioning. They are normally simple and comfortable to use and usually cure most cases of sleep apnea.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Machines – These are breathing machines, which make use of a nose mask that helps in delivering air pressure into the airways while the patient sleeps. It pushes a greater pressure of air through the airway, which makes a larger opening in the upper airway. Using CPAP greatly helps in preventing the symptoms of sleep apnea, and is quite beneficial for use.

Though it is considered to be a preferred treatment for sleep apnea cures and other sleep disorders too, people find these devices uncomfortable to use. It helps to breathe better, but it makes it difficult to have a comfortable and restful sleep. However, most users of CPAP tend to get used to it and find it comfortable to use over time. It is helpful to try different varieties of masks to find a suitable one to use. Some people find it advantageous to use a humidifier along with a CPAP machine.

Pillows – Specially designed pillows for sleep apnea cures can be used as treatments to control mild symptoms of sleep apnea, like snoring. Specially designed sleep apneas pillows prevent people from snoring, which help people in breathing normally without interruptions during the night. These pillows aid in keeping people on their sides while they sleep. Studies prove that sleeping on the back makes breathing obstructions intense.

Adaptive Servo-Ventilation – This is a recently approved device for sleep apnea cures. It is an advanced system of airflow, which is capable of learning the breathing patterns of people. It collects details on the breathing patterns and subsequently stores them in a computer chip. After people have fallen asleep, the machine applies pressure to the airways in a methodical way, which prevents interrupted breathing. For people that suffer from central sleep apnea, the adaptive servo-ventilation method is preferred over the use of CPAP machines.

People suffering of sleep apnea should not be discouraged anymore as these devices are available for sleep apnea cures and help in alleviating symptoms. The best course of action for sleep apnea patients is to discuss all treatments available with their physician or doctor, who will help in determining the best device to use in particular cases.

Simple Measures to Take

In milder cases of sleep apnea, it would be better to make some necessary changes in lifestyles instead of turning to medications. Men over the age of 40 are usually at a higher risk of having sleep apnea, same goes for women too. Certain choices in lifestyles such as using sedatives, drinking and smoking increase the risk of sleep apnea. Obesity and other genetic conditions also lead to the development of sleep apnea.

Changes in Lifestyle

Making certain changes in the lifestyle helps in reducing the risk of sleep apnea. Though these techniques may not cure a sleep disorder, they will surely help in reducing the problem. The following are some suggested changes:

Weight loss – High deposits of fat restrict the ability to breathe easily. Losing excess weight reduces the risk of apnea occurring during sleep.

Sleep Positions – People may notice that their symptoms are worse when they sleep on their back. The best way to deal with sleep apnea would be to adopt new sleeping positions. Sleeping on the side or on the stomach reduces the risk of air passages collapsing.

Smoking – Quitting smoking helps in sleep apnea cures. Cigarette smoke aggravates nasal problems, which lead to breathing problems and develops sleep apnea.

Alcohol and drugs – Avoiding the use of alcohol and drugs reduces the risk of apnea during sleep to a great extent. Both alcohol and drugs have a negative impact on the central nervous system. Eliminating the use of these substances reduces the risk of sleep apnea.

Medication – People need to be very careful when taking medications to cure sleep apnea, because they may end up having a negative impact instead. The best thing to do would be to consult a doctor for sleep apnea cures.