Natural Sleep Aids for Relaxation

Natural sleep aids are a gentle and safe way to help people relax and have a good night rest. Natural remedies offer solutions to many sleep related problems. There are many different methods people can use to achieve a restful sleep. All that is required is to investigate what option works best for you.

natural sleeping aids

Simple and Natural Sleep Aids

The use of herbal supplements

There are many herbal supplements which can be used as natural sleep aids or remedies. The herbal supplements usually contain melatonin and valerian, which help in balancing hormone levels in the body and improve the function of neurotransmitters. Unlike sleeping pills, herbal supplements have almost no side effects, and most importantly, are not addictive.

The use of relaxation techniques as natural sleep aids

Relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation are some of the very helpful ways of achieving a state of peacefulness and calmness of the mind and body. Through these techniques the mind can be focused to free oneself of stress. The mind can be relaxed, giving a feeling of ease. These techniques can also be used along with aromatherapy, in order to enhance relaxation.


Many people overlook the fact that sunlight is actually a very good and natural sleep aid. Light works like a signal for the mind and body, on when to wake up and when to go to sleep. When people don’t get enough sleep, it means that the body’s natural response to light isn’t working up. Having an early morning or late afternoon walk can help exposing the body to the amount of light required by a person.


Among other forms of natural sleep aids is sound. Certain sounds have a relaxing effect on the body, such as the sound of wind or running water. They have a calming effect on the body which helps people go to sleep easily. Some people respond better to white noise, whereas some people prefer no sounds or noise at all. In such cases white noise machines work fine, because they help in blocking out all sorts of excess noise. Music is also a very helpful aid, as it allows the body to feel relaxed and makes people slip into a sleep easily.


Though it may sound strange, dieting serves as a good natural sleep aid. Cutting out natural stimulants such as caffeine and sugar has a very good effect on sleep for people. Eating foods that contain amino acid, sufficient amounts of magnesium (which also serves as a natural sedative) and tryptophan greatly help in ensuring a good night sleep.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is one of the most effective and common form of natural sleep aids. Chamomile is an herb which has been in use for centuries. It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Having a warm cup of chamomile tea before going to bed relieves the tension in muscles, calms the digestive system and reduces anxiety. Like other herbal remedies, chamomile tea has no side effects and is perfectly safe to use in order to solve sleep problems, as well as to cure insomnia.

Kava kava

This is a herbal remedy used for relieving stress and anxiety. It also works fine in relieving patients suffering of insomnia. Having some sedative properties, kava kava has recently been considered as being unsafe for use. Some reports have associated the possibility of hepatitis, liver toxicity and cirrhosis with the use of kava kava. More than 20 of such cases have been reported in Europe.

Some Tips to Remember on Natural Sleep Aids

  • When people are under a lot of stress, it is important to have enough physical exercise to be able to help the body work out the rush of hormones causing stress. This is most effective when stress is caused due to fights, which trigger high levels of adrenaline rush in the body. Physical exercises have a kind of relaxing effect on the body, which enable people battle sleep difficulties.
  • Insufficient amount of sleep can lead to other health problems. Sleep is one major factor that must not be neglected under any circumstances. When people have troubles going to sleep at night, they should not assume that they need the help of sleeping pills to be able to sleep. It is important to look into all simple, safe and natural techniques that may be suitable and help one to sleep peacefully and easily, instead of relying on pills.

Many people look at natural sleep aids with a lot of skepticism, because they remind one of shamans, witch doctors, tonic peddlers and weird vitamins or gadgets. The skepticism is quite justified too. The reason for this is the presence of products that promise cure but have no real proof of effectiveness. People need to be very careful when it comes to the selection of natural sleep aids that would be best suited for them.