My Snoring Solution – My Snoring Solution Reviews

If you are looking for a unique answer to your snoring issues, one device that you can try is My Snoring Solution. This is a chinstrap that was developed to help chronic snorers. This product isn’t available in stores, but can be easily purchased on the web. My Snoring Solution is designed to help people sleep restfully during the night. Apparently about 40 million people in America have some sort of sleep disorder. As you may already know, people who don’t get enough sleep suffer from a variety of ailments including fatigue and headaches.

How Does it Work?

The basic idea behind My Snoring Solution is that when you use a jaw supporter, your jaw is held slightly forward during the night. It also helps to keep your mouth closed. As a result, the airway that allows your breathing is open. Since this flow of air is unrestricted, the vibrations that cause snoring will not occur.

In contrast, if your soft palate is constricted during the night, the flow of air is limited. This is when the vibrations that cause snoring can occur. The principle behind My Snoring Solution is similar in some ways to the mouth guards that are available on the market. However, one of the benefits of this product is that it is likely to be more comfortable due to the fact that you do not need to place anything directly in your mouth.

When you get your snoring chinstrap, you simply place it under your chin and around your head. It can make improvements as soon as the first day that it is used. It is also machine washable, so it is easy to keep it clean.

One major benefit to My Snoring Solution is that wearers should be able to get years of use out of this device. In contrast, snoring mouth guards need to be replaced every few months due to the fact that they can eventually wear down due to teeth grinding. While My Snoring Solution may cost more initially, the fact that it doesn’t need to be replaced actually makes it more economical than some of the alternative snoring devices.

My Snoring Solution – Who Thought of This Idea?

The inventor of My Snoring Solution is Stephen Matthews. He was a chronic snorer who suffered from sleep apnea. Matthews finally decided to go out and buy a CPAP machine to assist with his snoring problem. Sleep apnea patients, often use a CPAP machine, or a “continuous positive airway pressure” machine.

Unfortunately, Matthews quickly learned that he would not be allowed to buy one unless he first participated in a sleep study. In desperation, he decided that if he could just keep his jaw shut while he slept, the snoring would stop. He went home and made his own primitive version of a chinstrap to support his jaw. As a result, My Snoring Solution was born.

My Snoring Solution – Supporting Research

Research has shown that a jaw supporter can help to stop snoring. Not only is more airflow possible, but also the soft tissue can no longer vibrate. As the My Snoring Solution website points, out a jaw supporter is based on a similar principle as CPR. In order for air to pass through the throat, the airway needs to be as open as possible.

There have been a variety of studies to support the claims that a snoring chinstrap works. For example, researchers in Japan studied how a chinstrap could improve symptoms of sleep apnea equally to a CPAP machine. In some cases, they found that the chinstrap was even more effective than the CPAP machine.

My Snoring Solution Product Summary

Of course, as those with sleep apnea know, being able to freely breathe throughout the night is key. A simple device like My Snoring Solution can assist with avoiding the need for painful surgeries or costly appliances. Some sleep apnea patients have used a CPAP in conjunction with My Snoring Solution. They find that the two work well in tandem together.

My Snoring Solution is available in three sizes, small medium and large. It can be purchased online for about $120. Currently, My Snoring Solution is offering a buy one get one free deal. This device also comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.