How to Deal With a Partner Who Snores

Trying to get a good night’s sleep when you’re sleeping alongside a snoring partner can be frustrating for many people. Even though your partner might seem to be sleeping soundly beside you, it’s you who gets woken up through the night multiple times.

How to Deal With a Partner Who Snores

Lack of sleep caused by a snoring partner can cause serious rifts in a relationship. When one or both of you has woken up irritable after a poor night’s sleep, it’s easy to get into arguments fuelled by fatigue. Some people feel the situation with their snoring partner is so bad, they end up sleeping in a separate room. This not only reduces the amount of physical intimacy in a relationship, but it can really make some people feel lonely and isolated.

Rather than allow your partner’s snoring problem to drive a wedge between you, consider implementing some simple tips to help your snoring partner.

Deal with the Problem, Not the Symptom

Snoring is most commonly a symptom of an underlying problem. Instead of just trying to resolve the sound your snoring partner makes, try to work on fixing the cause of the problem first. Discuss what options are open to you and agree on a course of action you can both take together to reduce the snoring.

There are multiple different causes of snoring, ranging from mild to severe. The best places to begin are with the simple things you can do right now that may help to reduce the severity of your snoring partner’s problem.

Before Bed-Time

Research has shown that some foods and medications taken before going to bed can increase the severity of snoring. Make a rule in your household to avoid the following items before bedtime:

  • Dairy products
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Anti-histamines
  • Sleeping pills
  • Cigarettes

Sleeping Position

If your snoring partner is prone to sleeping on his or her back, find a way to make it easier to sleep on the side instead. Research shows that this can reduce the severity of snoring. A specially designed pillow can help to making sleeping on the side more comfortable, which reduces the incidence of rolling over through the night. You might also want to stitch a tennis ball into the back of your snoring partner’s pajama top. This will help to discourage them from turning over during sleep and they’ll begin to correct their own sleeping position automatically. Once sleeping on the side becomes a habit, the ball can be removed.

If this doesn’t work, encourage your snoring partner to try sleeping without a pillow, or even on multiple pillows. Either option will change the tilt of the head while sleeping, which can help to move the jaw forward and reduce the likelihood of snoring.

Strengthen Throat Muscles

One of the more common causes of snoring is lax throat muscles. As we all age, the muscles in and around our throats can become weaker, causing snoring to get worse. There are a wide range of specific exercises that can be done on a daily basis to help strengthen the muscles in the upper respiratory tract. These include curling the tongue in certain ways, pronouncing vowel sounds repeatedly (such as warm-up exercises for singing), and working the jaw to expand and contract the surrounding muscles.

More Serious Causes of Snoring

If your snoring partner still persists even after implementing these simple tips and tactics, it may be time to seek advice from a medical specialist. The more common causes of snoring can be cured relatively easily. If there is a more severe underlying medical problem causing the problem, your snoring partner may need to have it rectified with the help of a professional.