Everything About Baby Sleeping

It is really important for new parents to know about baby sleeping. Babies are helpless, tiny and fragile little angels, which makes it perfectly normal and important for parents to worry about the comfort and breathing patterns of their babies. Parents tend to keep checking on their babies every few minutes just to make sure they are breathing normal and are alive. This makes them wonder whether they are doing everything right way at all and what else they should probably know about baby sleeping.

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The common thing that scares parents is the warning about the sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). It is important for every parent to accept their fears and learn how to live with them, making sure that they don’t let their fears interfere with the enjoyment of their new baby.

What SIDS is and How It Affects Baby Sleeping

The sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is the leading cause of death among babies from one month to one year olds. It claims the lives of about 2,500 babies each year in the Unites States and still remains unpredictable upon years of research. It is every parent’s greatest fear, as it can strike unawares particularly in seemingly healthy babies.

Most conditions and diseases show the presence of some sort of specific symptoms, but SIDS is most often diagnosed when all the possible symptoms of other diseases are ruled out. When trying to consider which babies could be most at risk, no risk factor is likely to be sufficient to cause a SIDS death. Instead, many risk factors may be combined to contribute to SIDS. Some potential risk factors of SIDS include:

  • Poor prenatal care
  • Stomach sleeping
  • Drinking, smoking or drug use during pregnancy
  • Exposure of baby to tobacco smoke following birth
  • Low birth weight or Prematurity
  • Overheating from excessive baby sleepwear and bedding

Baby Sleeping Safety

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One thing to remember about baby sleeping is that all babies have irregular breathing during their first weeks. Once parents keep this in mind their worries may be slightly reduced. Babies may seem to stop breathing for long periods on intervals, but those breathing pauses only last for a few seconds before normal breathing resumes eventually. Parents should keep an eye out while their baby is asleep, to see if the baby’s color looks normal and not pale, very red or blue. The baby is surely just fine if the color is normal.

Some people advice on sleeping with babies in their own adult beds in order to be able to keep a closer watch, but that wouldn’t be a good option because this means subjecting the baby to more harm. Some cases have been reported whereby infants have died as a result of accidental smothering or by being suffocated by adult mattresses. So, it is the best to keep babies in separate baby crib or cot, with soft covers and sheeting’s (but not excessively sheeted and covered)

How to Lessen the Risks of SIDS

There certain things that can be done to lessen the risk of SIDS in baby sleeping. For example, always putting the baby to sleep on the back and not on the stomach, keep away from cigarette smoke, don’t overheat the room the baby is sleeping in and use firm beddings. Learning infant CPR can also boost the confidence of parents by giving them skills to be able to respond to any emergencies if need be.

It is also advisable for parents to speak to the baby’s doctor or pediatrician about any fears they may be having, to help them understand what normal behavior is and what’s worrisome. Babies should be taken for regular baby check-ups. There is some evidence that breast feeding may help decreasing the risk of SIDS. However, the reason for this theory is not entirely clear, but researchers think that breast milk helps protect babies from infections that increase the risks of SIDS.

Baby Sleeping Aids

It is a good thing to invest in baby sleeping aids, as they help in regularizing baby breathing. For example, parents can buy a baby monitor, which is an alarm system with sensors. It goes off if it does not sense any movement (even breathing) after a few seconds. An automatic rocker is another aid, which is an automatic mechanical device, with adjustable speed that helps babies relax by swinging.

These products are usually pediatrics certified and are designed to have natural cyclic rotations similar to those inside a mother’s womb and relax babies as they are familiar to these rotations. Another example of an effective product is a motorized bassinet, which provides constant thrusting motions like washing machines. New born babies really like these motions, which help them fall asleep easily and quickly. There are various more kinds of devices and toys which serve as very effective baby sleeping aids.