CPAP Nasal Mask: When You Want To Sleep Any Which Way You Want!

If the mask is too tight or too loose, it can trigger air leakage which in turn can reduce the efficacy of the CPAP machine.

The other important deciding factor when choosing a CPAP mask is how much flexibility it allows while you are asleep. Your sleep apnea condition has already deprived you of enough sleep. With the help of a CPAP mask, at least you want to sleep better than before, not get transfixed to one particular position, just because your mask does not allow you to move while in bed!

One of the most reliable CPAP masks that score very high on both these criteria is the CPAP nasal mask. It is not surprising to find that CPAP nasal masks have become a popular choice with many sleep apnea sufferers, especially those who want a snugly fitting mask, but at the same time would like to toss and turn in bed, as they please.

Some of the physical features abut CPAP nasal masks are as follows:

The CPAP nasal mask is like the outer contour of your nose – triangular. The mask covers the entire nasal area up to the bridge.

It is held securely by straps that go over the nose and around the head.

Some CPAP nasal masks are fitted with an additional chin strap that helps you to secure the mask better. Such masks can go over the mouth as well as the nose.

The many advantages of CPAP nasal masks:

The special feature of using twin straps at the mouth and forehead level ensures that the masks do not shift positions or slip away even when you change your sleeping posture several times during the night.

The mask has an in-built suction ability that assures you of zero air leakage and all the air is kept within the mask. This ensures lack of any side effects like watering eyes, dry mouth, clogged nose or any kind of skin irritation.

Even if there is any small air leakage a dehumidifier could quickly resolve the crisis.

With fewer straps to manage, you could continue doing some normal bed-time activities like reading a book or watching television, etc.

Many models of CPAP nasal masks have a direct connection to oxygen port that gives you restful sleep.

The only downside of CPAP nasal masks

The only downside of a CPAP nasal mask is that if you are a mouth breather, this mask is not for you.