CPAP Gel Mask: When Finding a Snug-Fit Mask Is Posing a Problem

Ask the doctor who recommended you the CPAP therapy or someone who is currently using the CPAP device; they would unanimously agree that to get the best out of your therapy it is imperative that you get the CPAP mask that fits you as snugly as possible. The mask should be neither be too tight nor too lose, as any of these conditions could allow air leakage – a critical development that reduces the performance of the device significantly.

An ill-fitting CPAP mask also results in discomfort including rashes, skin irritation, watery eyes, etc that may compel you to discard the CPAP therapy in totality. However, you might be feeling lost if you simply cannot find the CPAP mask that fits snugly and looking for the right product. What could be the way out?

The answer to fitting problems

CPAP masks are usually made from silicone plastic. Over and above such masks leaving narrow spaces on the areas around your nose or mouth causing leakage, you may also be allergic to such materials. The right answer to such problems could be provided by CPAP gel mask.

Perhaps the best aspect of the CPAP gel mask is that such a mask can be molded to fit the contour of the user’s face. This in turn assures the user that there would not be any high-pressure points causing pain or discomfort during use of the mask and ultimately the mask would be a better fit.

While some people who are allergic to plastic use masks made from rubber or vinyl, the CPAP gel mask scores over many such masks simply because of the extra comfort factor. The materials used to create a CPAP gel mask include gelatin combined with some soft plastic, which may also be heated to create a unique CPAP mask that is exclusively made to fit your facial and nasal contours. You could also get these gel masks where no pre-heating is required.

The downsides

The CPAP gel mask is not without its drawbacks. Since such masks are comparatively larger and subsequently heavier, many users find them too cumbersome for convenience of use.

The other issue that bothers many mask users is that get masks may not last as long as masks made from other relatively harder materials. Therefore if cost-effectiveness is an issue that you have in mind, you might find the CPAP gel mask falling slightly short of your expectations.

Final considerations

As is evident, there is something for everyone, when it concerns CPAP masks. In terms of style, design, fit, type and materials used, there is no dearth of options. However, to get the best of whatever you choose, you should ideally try out the mask of your choice in the shop from where you are buying, in a reclining position. The comfort level could be different when you are lying down from what it is when standing erect.