Sleep Disorders

To be certain, sleep disorders are a phenomenon that have been with us since the dawn of time, however, lately they seem to be growing insidiously quickly — like in the terrifying plot of some science fiction horror movie. At first glance the list of sleep disorders is seemingly endless, lists of long and complicated…Read More

Problems and Types of Sleeping Disorders

Stress is one of the most common reasons for sleeping disorders as people may not get the adequate amount of sleep and rest that they ideally should. People who experience trouble falling asleep may end up with consequences like lying awake in the middle of the night, feel fatigue or sleepy during the day. As…Read More

Sleep Disorder – Sleep Disruptions

Somnipathy (sleep disorder) is a condition or disorder that disrupts sleep and sleep patterns in persons or animals. There are various sleep disorders that must be treated accordingly with different approaches, depending on the sufferer’s condition. Predisposing Factors of Sleep Disorder Causes Some specific predisposing factors of a few of the many causes of sleep…Read More

Tackling and Identifying Sleep Problems

Whether sleep problems are caused by insomnia, sleep disturbances or pain, solving these problems can improve everyone’s overall outlook on health. Sleep problems may not necessarily be handled with extreme measures or medications. There are simpler measures that can be taken to stop them in their tracks. Simple Solutions to Tackle Sleep Problems Consider getting…Read More

What Is Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder?

Circadian rhythm sleep disorder is part of the family of disorders that affect (among other things) the sleep timings of people. People suffering of this disorder have problems waking up and going to sleep at timings of work, school and other social needs. In other words, it is a condition in which an individual’s sleep…Read More

Shift Work Sleep Disorder and Its Challenges

The Shift work sleep disorder (SWSD) is usually seen in people who work through rampant and weird shift hours. In an attempt to keep up with their work timings, such people tend to be careless with sleep schedules in order to stay alert and active at work. This instead leads to problems with the natural…Read More

Sleeping Problems in Children And Adults

Stress and anxiety are seen as the most common causes of sleeping problems in adults. As the reasons of stress and anxiety pass off, sleep patterns usually tend to return back to normal. Most people usually need around six to nine hours of sleep at night to be able to function properly. Irregular patterns of…Read More

Sleeping Disorder – Types and Treatments

Having difficulties in going to sleep is something known as a “sleeping disorder”. Many people are not aware of the fact that there is problem like this. People often feel sleepy and tired during the day, even upon having a good night’s sleep. This means that those people are suffering of a sleep disorder. Sleeping…Read More

Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders Symptoms

The circadian rhythm sleep disorders symptoms can be detected by any signs of disrupted sleep. Circadian rhythm sleep disorder occurs due to persistent patterns of sleep disruptions, which lead to excessive sleepiness due to the mismatch of the natural circadian rhythm of the body. These disturbances in sleep cause significant problems in the daily lives…Read More

An Overview on Toddler Sleep Problems

There are countless toddler sleep problems that come to mind. For example, a 1 year old may cry so hard when put into bed that he may actually throw up. A 2 year old may still not be able to sleep through the night. A 2-and-a-half year old may still be sharing the parents’ bed….Read More