Sleep Deprivation – Lack of Sleep

A lack of the required and necessary amount of sleep by the body is what is known as sleep deprivation. People can be deprived of sleep due to reasons such as insomnia, their own body and mind not giving in to sleep, or being deprived of sleep by other individuals and family members. Sleep Deprivation…Read More

Sleep Deprivation Effects on the Brain

With the overall modernization of cultures today, lack of enough sleep has become very common in individuals, leaving various sleep deprivation effects on the brain. Due to increasing competition in every field the amount of work expected of you is doubled with half the time to complete it. This pushes people to extend their wakefulness…Read More

Warning – 7 Sleep Deprivation Symptoms

Do sleep deprivation symptoms affect people in ways other than just making them feel tired? Yes, it is indeed possible and is in fact far more common than most people think. There are numerous symptoms that affect people in adverse ways, what is important is that people should be able to identify them quickly. Typical…Read More

Mental Efficiency – Sleep Deprivation Hallucinations

Sleep deprivation hallucinations usually occur due to extreme sleep deprivation. When people are severely sleep deprived, they begin to see hallucinations after staying awake for exceedingly long hours. Usually, when people stay awake for a whole week, their immune system decreases in performance, which increases the rate at which the hallucinations occur. Delusions – Sleep…Read More

Sleep Deprivation Statistics – Health Epidemic

It may be shocking to know about the sleep deprivation statistics related to accidents and deaths caused by the lack of sleep. It will be enlightening for people to know about some sad facts collected by the federal government of United States of America, on the accidents caused by sleep deprivation each year. Accidents Caused…Read More

Sleep Deprivation Death – Sleep Performance

Sleep deprivation death is a terrible disease, which begins with signs of sleep deprivation, and eventually leads to the death of people. People may not realize this, but depriving oneself of sleep is the worse mistake that can be made. The more serious people take their sleep, the better it would be for them. Sleep…Read More

What is Sleep Deprivation and Sufficient Sleep

To be able to better understand what is sleep deprivation, one should first try to understand what sleep is. Till date, it is not entirely clear why people need sleep; however, what happens when people don’t sleep is quite clear. Everyone should be aware of the requirements of sleep, the dangers associated with sleep deprivation…Read More

Signs of Sleep Deprivation – Red Flags to Watch Out For

Each year, tens of thousands of people show signs of sleep deprivation, which lead to various sleep disorders such as insomnia. Amazingly enough, most of those people are not always aware of the fact that their health is lacking in something. This is usually because they are most often unaware of the information regarding the…Read More

Causes of Sleep Deprivation – Physical and Psychological

Causes of sleep deprivation have both physical and psychological effects. People that do not get a normal six hours sleep in the night on regular basis can suffer from sleep disorders or other sleep deprivation problems. Over time, not getting enough sleep makes people more vulnerable to the risks of injuries and serious illnesses. Finding…Read More

Sleep Deprivation Depression – A Concerning Condition

Sleep deprivation depression has become a concerning condition in recent years, with the increasing number of people suffering from it. It is true that people feel as if there are fewer hours of work, and in an attempt to complete their work they tend to extend their working hours. In doing so people fail to…Read More