Baby Comfort with an Infant Sleep Positioner

An infant sleep positioner is a handy item that helps in making babies more comfortable. It also ensures that the baby soundly sleeps for longer intervals during the day and throughout the night. Parents are constantly anxious to do the best to make sure their baby is comfortable. There are many positioning aids for infants in the market, however not every infant sleep positioner is safe to use.

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Purpose of Using an Infant Sleep Positioner

The purpose of using infant sleep positioners is to hold babies or infants in one position during night time, in order to avoid the baby rolling over to his tummy. With the growing awareness of SIDS, having babies sleep on their backs is every parent’s foremost worry. Most sleep positioners are designed with bolsters that are positioned on both sides of babies to prevent them from rolling over.

  • All infant sleep positioners are designed in a way to hold babies in a position to prevent them from rolling over to their sides or tummies. They usually have propped up positions. The theory behind these positions is that, if babies throw up while lying down, the vomit will run down the sides of their mouth, instead of making them cough up and choke.
  • Using an infant sleep positioner greatly reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Though there are various styles in baby positioners, the general concept is to hold babies positioned on their backs, preventing them from rolling over and having the risk of getting suffocated. Safety guidelines on the use of infant sleep positoners suggest that parents should stop the use of positioners once the baby is able to roll and move voluntarily, as they can be suffocating if the baby rolls to a position where his face may come in between the padding.
  • Positioners help babies get a restful night’s sleep, and also prevent them from developing flat heads, which are caused by lying flatly in one position.

There are just three helpful instructions. These help in ensuring the baby’s safety:

  • Place the baby on his back in the positioner. This helps reduce the risk of SIDS.
  • The sides or bolsters of the infant sleep positioner should be adjusted such that they are resting snugly against the baby’s sides. This keeps the baby in one position and prevents him from rolling.
  • The baby should be turned from side to side on intervals to prevent the developing of flat spots.

One most important thing to always remember is that parents should never place the baby on his stomach in the infant sleep positoner. Doing this would be very dangerous. Also, all stickers and packaging must be removed before using the positioner in order to avoid choking hazards.

Selection Tips

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Among other things that matter most in baby nurturing, one most important thing is the baby’s comfort while he is asleep. A baby cries less if he sleeps well and comfortably. In fact, nothing makes babies more fuzzy and restless than sleepless hours. An infant sleep positioner is the best solution to this problem. Sleep positioners are available in various styles. Parents can take their time to search the suitable style to go for.

  • Before buying these products, parents should always ascertain any medical sleep problems their baby may have. Not all sleep positioners are comfortable for babies, so the right one should be selected, keeping in view your baby’s particular health condition.
  • The best style in infant sleep positioners is one having a prop or sort of a head pad. This would offer good support.
  • Another thing to consider is the ease of cleaning the positioner. It is preferable to go for washable styles that are easy to detach.
  • Most importantly, parents should go for medically approved and patented positioners.
  • Positioners with breathable covers serve as a perfect option for seasonal changes, especially for the winter season. It should be made sure that the cover material is ideal for every season, be it winter or summer. Moreover, babies have very sensitive skin, so parents should ensure to put their hands on the positioners that are made from anti-allergenic materials.

The quality of the sleep positioner is the main point to keep in mind while making a selection. People often tend to overlook the quality and instead go for products at low prices. Surprisingly, these user friendly items are quite expensive to purchase. However, nothing should count more than the comfort of your babies.