An Overview on Toddler Sleep Problems

There are countless toddler sleep problems that come to mind. For example, a 1 year old may cry so hard when put into bed that he may actually throw up. A 2 year old may still not be able to sleep through the night. A 2-and-a-half year old may still be sharing the parents’ bed. A 3 year old may be waking up screaming in the middle of the night. All these issues certainly sound very familiar to parents.

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Some Common Questions on Toddler Sleep Problems

There are some common questions that parents often ask, such as:

Is it time for the child to Transition from the crib to bed?

Toddlers are often ready to move from the crib to bed around the age of two. If the child tries to climb out of his crib, it may be a good idea to make the change earlier. However, make sure to have a strategy before making the transition. It is very important to have a strategy, so that it can be easy to make sure that the child does not climb out of the bed in the middle of the night.

Is it time to cut out naps during the day?

Toddlers begin to resist when parents try to put them down for naps. This is also a form of toddler sleep problems. When this happens it means the child may not need a nap, so it may be cut off. Children usually begin to cut out at least one nap around the age of a year-and-a-half. Cutting out naps when the child still needs them is not a good idea, because it can make the child very hyperactive and irritable. This indicates that a nap is still required.

Can the child sleep with his toy?

Parents wonder whether their child may be old enough to be allowed to sleep with his favorite teddy bear. It is important for toddlers to feel safe and secure when learning to go to bed alone. Using favorite toys to help soothe children is a good strategy to encourage them to be able to sleep independently. It is safe to allow children to go to bed with their favorite toys at the age of 1 (as long as there are no detachable parts that may be swallowed).

Can the child sleep with a pillow?

When the child is still sleeping in a crib, he probably does not sleep with a pillow. This might change when the child transitions from his crib to a bed. Children can be allowed to sleep with a flat pillow when they are of age two.

General Tips to Solve Toddler Sleep Problems

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  • It should be made sure that the toddler gets enough fresh air and physical exercise each day.
  • Parents or babysitters should avoid using TV or videos, especially in the afternoons and evenings.
  • Parents should be consistent in setting boundaries without fear. It is always better to tell toddlers what they should do, rather than what they should not do.
  • Unlike adults, toddlers become hyperactive when they are over-tired. Getting them to bed before this happens is a good idea.
  • Toddlers should not be allowed to decide when to go to bed. Parents should decide that.
  • A major cause of toddler sleep problems is being late in putting children to bed. This should be avoided.
  • Rubbing the child’s back when he is in bed will put him to sleep easily. Another option is to tell a bedtime story. This is a splendid soothing bedtime ritual.

Things to Remember In Order to Solve Toddler Sleep problems

  • It should be remembered that over-tiredness leads to neediness.
  • Parents should make a compromise if the toddler wants them to lie with them in bed. This will help to avoid building a habit of needing the parents to be there for them to fall asleep.
  • Toddlers like repetitions. Repeating what parents want their children to do sinks the message into them easily. Telling them to go to sleep over and over again will be a long but successful process.
  • Toddlers often need negotiations to be able to go to bed. For example, for older children, parents can tell them the door of the room will remain open as long as they stay in bed. If they get up, the door will close. This is quite helpful.
  • Popping in and out of the room works well. Parents can tell the child to wait quietly in bed until they come back. This helps toddlers fall asleep while getting bored of waiting for the parents to return.

Parents get greatly distressed when their children are not being able to go to sleep. Remembering these tips can help in solving toddler sleep problems with no stress at all.